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    November 17, 2008


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    Cathy R

    Ooohh, that is lovely!! I really like it in the variegated yarn.

    I got some lovely grey/neutral coridale at the Taos wool market to make that vest.

    Just have to finish up a few other things (ha) first.

    Joan Tapper

    Thanks! I was a bit intimidated by the pattern at first, but it turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. And the eyelet edging is a lovely touch. Send us a photo when you've finished yours.


    I would have wagered incorrectly that it would look all muddled. A great knit - congratulations!

    Joan Tapper

    Thanks! I had no idea what to expect. Maybe that's the best way...


    Great vest pattern and I love it in the variegated yarn.


    What beautiful colors! How much yarn did your version actually take... just a bit nervous that I will have enough with the 660 yards in my yarn choice.

    Joan Tapper

    Hi, I love the vest and wear it often. I did make notes about the yarn. It looks like it took 390 yards, so you should have plenty!
    Send us a photo when it's done.


    Joan, there must be something very seriously wrong with my mind....I CANNOT for the life of me get the front panels to work. I finished the back BUT it doesn't look like the pattern or yours! I see a sorta V shape going that right? But mine was a one sided V!

    I've worked the front left panel more than a dozen times and ripped it out. I'm ready to ditch the entire pattern. It is probably just my dyslexic mind BUT if you could help, I really would love to finish this vest.

    When I knit the front panel... will I have completed a pattern for a row? My numbers just aren't working out. I seem to end up with too few stitches. I start on the far right side of the line, right? Then I work between the red lines for the pattern in the row, right? I'm ok until I have to follow the chart...maybe you could spell it out. Sorry I'm so dense.

    HELP! Seriously frustrated.

    Joan Tapper

    Hi, Diane,
    I don't think I'm an experienced enough knitter to help you. There is a kind of an upside down V in the pattern, but it looks symmetrical to me. Maybe it has something to do with the way you're doing the make one stitches. Basically the pattern is in groups of 5, with the first row making two stitches near the edges and decreasing (by purling three together) in the middle. Then there are these long stripes on both sides of the v-like pattern.

    I'm not describing this very well. Once I saw what the pattern was supposed to be like though, I didn't have to use the chart – which was easier for me, since I'd never used a chart before.

    Maybe Gale can enlighten us..


    I finally figured out what was happening when I was trying to work the first 8 rows. I too am more visual, but dang this thing isn't looking right at all for me!

    But then, my left front panel is looking like it should be the right front panel, since the ridge of kpk is on the right (vs wrong) side, but if I flip to be the left front panel it's then on the wrong side. BUT my back piece then is done all wrong. I think I'm going to have to ditch this one! I hate to quite but it's making me insane!!! There is a really nice vest on the Autumn House Farm site that I think I'll order and give a whirl.

    They really ought to give the test patterns to dyslexics!!!! If they can read and work them then anybody can!!

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